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Summer Skin with Jergens

For the last month or so, I’ve been trying something new! Jergens has released a new line of lotions that you put on while your skin is wet. Yep, this lotion is specially developed for use on just showered skin!

If you’re like me, and always get ready in a rush, this lotion is perfect because it absorbs quickly and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Jergens® Moisturizer for Wet Skin is coming out this July.
This new moisturizer is oil-infused and locks in hydration when skin is most
receptive for 2x more luminous skin.

So how does it work? The moisturizer for Wet Skin includes a proprietary formula that binds hydrating oils to water to help lotion instantly absorb and lock in moisture
without leaving a heavy feel or greasy residue. High levels of glycerin and oils work to trap in the moisture from the shower, leaving your skin soft and luminous.

So would you give this a try? Jergens® Moisturizer for Wet Skin is available at drugstores for $10.99.

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