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Style Jaunt: Puerto Vallarta series with Flare & Transat

1-IMG_0795My favourite thing to do when traveling (um, other than finding amazing food spots, of course) is shop. I love to shop so much that I carry a giant purse, bring a packable duffle bag with me for my purchases, and make my boyfriend pack light so that I can share his suitcase if I shop too much (he’s the best). I just love discovering authentic and local items that you can’t find in your home town to remind you of your international adventure.

In Egypt, I bought a handbag made from camel leather. In Japan, I bought red bean filled maple leaf cakes, and in Italy I shopped the leather market until I found the perfect turquoise satchel.

Last year I went on vacation to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. I mostly used the trip to relax and recharge, but when I did go on a jaunt, I shopped! Some of my finds included handmade blankets and shoes from local vendors.

As the weather cools down in Toronto, we may need a bit of warm weather inspiration. Style bloggers Gracie Carrol (from Toronto) and Camille DG (from Montreal) have been given the assignment that most of us can only dream of in the winter months!

In partnership with Flare & Transat, the duo’s newest web series, Style Jaunt, has them journeying to Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit region to share the best shopping tips and coolest spots.

In the 3 episode series, watch them as they share videos with the themes of Mexican Craftsmanship, The Surf Town Experience and The Bohemian Lifestyle. These videos give you a sneak peek into a side of Mexico that you may not have discovered before. Gracie and Camille find unique shops where they create custom made shoes, find locally made jewellery and connect with shop and gallery owners.

These videos are great for the traveler that may go to Mexico every year, but may not venture far from the resort. Explore! There are so may awesome food places, shopping spots and people waiting to be discovered. This web series will help you make a check list for your next warm weather escape.

How do you shop when you go to a new destination? Do you wander around and find things organically, or do you make a list and check it twice? As I browse the web, I keep an ongoing tally of stores that I think sound interesting throughout the year, even if I have no plans to go to that destination. It’s come in really handy! I also ask friends and readers for tips. Do you have any awesome shopping finds or local spots in Mexico that you’d like to share?  Share your best recommendations on Twitter or Instagram using #MyStyleJaunt.

Be sure to check out the web series and shake off the chill here!

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