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Stay adorable and warm with Smart Wool


Smart Wool socks and long underwear

Winter is finally waning, and although I’m happy, I’m also sad. I’ve been staying toasty and warm with the cutest long johns ever. I first discovered SmartWool when I started hunting for a pair of cute but warm long  underwear.


I bought the Midweight Pattern Long Underwear Bottoms ($100) and matching top ($100). These are their best selling and warmest base layer. They are form fitting and won’t shrink in the dryer. “No matter how hard you exercise, in whatever temp, SmartWool socks and apparel don’t retain moisture, so odor causing bacteria don’t have any place to thrive.”

I can’t stress how true this is. I wore my base layers and socks in Quebec and Toronto. They are pretty much stink proof.  I was never cold, and they were incredibly comfy. They didn’t dig into my skin and they weren’t itchy.
Smart Wool produces various types of active wear, and all products are all made from Merino wool. They have done an incredible amount of research (for 17 years!)  to ensure that they are providing  top notch products.You can also feel good while wearing and buying their products. SmartWool partners with farmers in New Zealand that raise Merino sheep. They ensure that they have have adopted best management practices and seek to continually improve animal welfare.

So why wool? “Research shows that because of wool’s effective moisture management, you maintain a lower and more stable core body temperature when wearing wool next to skin instead of synthetics.”

And their socks? They are probably the most high tech socks I’ve ever put on my feet.


I bought the Phd Outdoor Medium Crew. I think it goes without saying that they were super warm and well cushioned. My feet never got wet,  and they also didn’t smell after being in my boots all day. The socks come in all different weights for all seasons and different types of activities.  I can’t wait to try out their summer gear to test how breathable these socks are while bike riding or hiking! See more products at

Credit: Sock diagram is from SmartWool website


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