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Starbucks debuts new tea lattes

I’m a major tea lover, and I often am so jealous of coffee drinkers. There’s always a new cold brew, gourmet beans and new frappuccinos for coffee lovers. For tea drinkers, we usually have a couple of interesting lattes in the winter, and that’s it.

Starbucks has introduced a new type of tea to their permanent menu, for tea lovers like me to enjoy all year round. Yay! The new beverages are Teavana Tea Lattes.

The main difference between these drinks and other tea lattes, are that they are made with whole-leaf micro-ground tea. They’re then topped with foamed milk and some sweetener. The new teas are available in 4 distinct blends.

Black Tea: A malty and sweet blend from India, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

Matcha Tea: This new blend features subtle floral notes and a rich vegetal taste, with a sweet lingering finish, sourced from Japan, China, and Korea.

Rooibos Tea: Sourced from South Africa, this naturally caffeine-free herbal tea features a vanilla, honey-like aroma, with hints of caramel and malt for a slight sweetness.

The fourth latte is extra special, because it’s only available in Canada. The Blossoming Rose Tea Latte is inspired by Japanese sakura tea. It’s made with a rose syrup with rhubarb biters and strawberry jam. The best way to try this blend is with a rooibos tea, but you can add it to the black and matcha tea are well. The latte itself is super pretty, and is topped with rose and hibiscus crystals.

I tried them all! My favourite blends are the creamy matcha tea, and the straight up black tea. I’m a black tea drinker at heart, and this blend has turned into my go to when I want a tea latte that’s stronger than a London Fog. I find that this tea tastes a bit earthy and rich. It’s also a thicker blend, which is perfect for savouring the flavour.

Have you tried any of these tea lattes yet?



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