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Spring has sprung at Rock-it Promotions

Spring is finally around the corner, and I can’t wait! It’s great to see the sun peeking its way out, and the days getting shorter. I checked out everything that’s new at the Rock-it Promotions spring and summer preview.

Adidas has launched a new sports bra that comes with inclusive sizing options. The Ultimate Bra is a support bra is designed for high impact activities It’s available from an A cup to a E cup, and comes in 3 fun colours.

Bogs Footwear has some stylish new boots to get you in the mood for spring. Many of their shoes are 100% waterproof, and cute to boot.

Knix is a Canadian brand known for their pretty leakproof underwear, and super comfy bras.

This spring, they are launching a collection of nude undergarments that cover a range of skin tones.

They also have their second collection of swimwear launching just in time for summer.

As the Ontario cannabis market opens up to edibles, new products are hitting the market. One of the products that look interesting is a tea from the Green Organic Dutchman. The new tea will come in three flavours. T God Restful Chamomile is an organic tea infused with cannabis, lavender and cinnamon. Zen Green Sencha is a green tea with tulsi and liquorice root. These haven’t hit the market yet, but are expected to soon.

I was delighted to discover Willibald Distillery. They make gin and beer at their farm in Ayr, Ontario. They offer tours and have an on-site restaurant. I know where I want to go this summer!

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