Soia & Kyo
debuted their spring collection at World Mastercard Fashion Week in muted tones of khaki, tan, white and yellow. Jackets ranged from trench coats, to blazers, to full length macs. One print was shown, a textured black and white birch like print that I really liked. I also loved the glimpses of the beautiful patterned lining inside of the jackets.

1-IMG_9452 1-IMG_9501 1-IMG_9509 1-IMG_9550 1-IMG_9593 1-IMG_9632 1-IMG_9648 1-IMG_9654 1-IMG_9672 1-IMG_9708 1-IMG_9743 1-IMG_9780 1-IMG_9815 1-IMG_9824 1-IMG_9921 1-IMG_0025 1-IMG_0065 1-IMG_0143 1-IMG_9255

Author: amanda

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