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Snack Box Review & Coupon!


Do you ever have moments where you miss getting sent to school with snacks packed by your mom? (Don’t lie. You totally do) one of the hard things about working is that if you don’t take the time to purchase and pack your own snacks at work, you’re left scarfing down vending machine food or hungry.

I’m terrible at packing snacks and we have no vending machines in my office so I just go hungry.

Enter Snackbox. They send you a delicious box filled with healthy and delicious snacks to enjoy and share. This is a subscription service, so the snacks come to you indefinitely!

I was lucky enough to receive a Snackbox last month. Here’s what was in it.

King Island: 100% pure coconut water
Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps
Mya’s Crunch: Organic Dark Chocolate Crunch
Alive & Radiant Foods ChocolateKalet Chip Crunch
Hippie Foods Granola
Surf Sweets Candy Rings
Lundberg Rice Chips
Ener-C packets
Harvest Snaps-Snapea Crisps
True to Nature granola bar
Rocket Oatmeal in a cool to-go container

That’s a lot of stuff! My favourite items were the True to Nature Granola Bar (it was crammed with cashews!) the Organic Dark Chocolate Crunch (I could have devoured the entire thing by myself!) and the Hippie Foods Granola (filled with grains and seeds).

You can choose from different packages to personalize your snack delivery.

Choose from a MONTHLY PLAN for $33 / box, 3 MONTH PLAN for $27 / box or the 6 MONTH PLAN for
$24 / box. Each box is filled with different treats.

To learn more about Snackbox, please visit:

Special Offer for Readers!  Use the code “HEARTLESSINK” and save $15 off your first Snackbox. Expires Oct. 31, 2013, and valid only for new customers.


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