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Dinner at SCADDABUSH in Scarborough



I always celebrate when new restaurants open up in Scarborough. When those restaurants also serve up fresh mozzarella? Well, then I rejoice.

SCADDABUSH has set up shop in Scarborough, just across from Scarborough Town Centre. I was so exicted, that I partnered with SCADDABUSH to host an event to celebrate their launch and their charity partnership.

So why do I like them so much? Well, first off, they make a lot of their delicious dishes in house. Pasta is made daily, and you can watch fresh mozzarella being made before your eyes at the mozzarella bar. (I also am in love with the light fixtures. They’re so cool!)

The heart of their menu is their Charity Bread. This made in house bread comes in 3 flavours (Original, 3-Cheese, Spicy). All of the proceeds from this bread goes to a local charity. At this location, the money goes to the Bluffs Food Bank. They help to feed 3000 families in Scarborough. They also provide more than food. In addition to their meal program, they have a clothing boutique, a grocery program and even help with income tax. We met some of the hard working volunteers over dinner, and it was nice to get to know them.


Now, onto the food! The Charity Bread was delicious. The original oozes garlic butter, while the 3 cheese one is a must for cheese lovers. The spicy version is made with banana peppers and chili peppers. It’s really spicy!

Mozzarella Bar 1-14054802_584756379295_1991682637_n

Mozzarella is a highlight here. We all trekked over to the mozzarella bar and watched it being stretched before our eyes. It was lots of fun to see and even better to eat.



Bomba Burrata is infused with cream, spicy roasted tomato and chili ragu, double smoked bacon and basil.


Next up is a giant meatball. The 1/2 lb meatballs are made with fresh Certified Angus
Beef ® ground chuck, ricotta cheese and parsley. We tried an original and stuffed version, and both were good. The meatball was tender and as big as a baseball. It’s perfect to share with 3 other people. It was one of my favourite things that I ate that evening.

For the mains, we enjoyed varieties of their fresh pasta. Everything was served family style, so we passed along giant bowls of pasta. Yum.


Pesto Pollo Fettuccine (Sautéed chicken breast, baby spinach, semi sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto cream sauce)

1-IMG_5146Lobster Spaghetti (Large chunks of lobster, spicy tomato cream sauce, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, arugula, poor man’s Parmesan)

1-IMG_5152Zucca Ravioli (Butternut squash ravioli, grated Grana Padano cheese, hazelnut butter cream sauce, fried sage, poor man’s Parmesan)

As if that wasn’t enough food, pizza was on the way! SCADDABUSH pizzas are served with scissors so you can cut your own slice.


Smoked Bacon and Egg (Double-smoked bacon, mushrooms, freshly cracked egg, stracciatella, chilli oil, mozzarella, caramelized onions, chilies)

We swore we were stuffed…but when dessert came out none of us could resist. Dessert was served in a delicous trio featuring:


Zeppole in a paper bag (Warm fried dough, dusted with citrus sugar, served with chocolate hazelnut sauce for dipping)


Cheesecake (Mascarpone, Amaretto, hazelnut crust, mixed berry compote)


The Tiramisu was my favourite. The flavours were perfect. (Lady fingers, sweet marsala, espresso, mascarpone cream, cocoa)

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at SCADDABUSH and will be back so that my family can try these tasty dishes! Check out the full menu.

SCADDABUSH is at 580 Progress Avenue across from Scarborough Town Centre







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