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San Lorenzo Leather Market

Ahhh. Florence’s leather market. I still have dreams about this market, and I deeply regret not buying a portfolio case in candy coloured hues. But that’s a discussion for another time….

This market is AMAZING. Rows and rows of leather belts, bags, purses, wallets and more in every hue imaginable. The vendors mostly only accept cash, and few accept credit cards. You can haggle here, and you should to get the best price. I paid 50 euros for that teal tote up there, and about 15 Euros for the bright yellow purse I have below. You can also buy leather jackets, gloves and other non leather items, such as jewelry. One thing that was missing for me was shoes. They don’t really sell shoes here, only one or two stalls.

The Mercato di San Lorenzo  is open from 10am-7pm in the Piazza San Lorenzo, Florence. If you go to Florence, I strongly recommend you don’t miss this market!


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