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RITUAL lets you fuel up fast at your favourite restaurants

Have you ever wanted to pick up lunch to go, but didn’t want to spend forever waiting in line? There’s an app for that. Ritual is expanding in Toronto, and currently has over 100 restaurants on the go. With Ritual,  you can order and pay for food at your favourite restaurants without waiting in line.

Simply connect your credit card, find your favourite restaurant or cafe on the list, select what you want to eat, and then put it in your cart.

I had a burrito craving, so decided to order Burrito Boyz. The line at Burrito Boyz is legendary for being super long at lunch time, with a long wait for your burrito to be ready.

This time, I decided to avoid the line by ordering through Ritual.


The app lists the entire menu for Burrito Boyz (except for chips and salsa) and lets you customize your burrito by adding toppings, just like you would be able to do when you were in the store.

I unfortunately ordered my meal at 12pm, the heart of lunchtime, and the app told me it would be ready in 25 minutes. Ritual uses your location to tell you when you need to leave to pick up your food (super useful!). When I arrived, I told the staff that I was ther to pick my my Ritual, and it was all ready to go! Easy and fast, with no wait time.

Mmm...burrito goodness.

Mmm…burrito goodness.

The app also remembers your orders, so that you can order it another day at the push of a button.

So what do you think? Would you try Ritual? Right now Ritual is invite only. Sign up at get $10 to spend!

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