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Seeing Montreal by Scooter with Dyad Cycles

I’m about to go on an e-bike tour with a group of travel writers and I have a confession to make: I kinda sorta can’t ride a bike. It stems from some lasting trauma of falling off a bike in grade four, and not getting back on until….about 2 years ago for a brief jaunt.

But here I am, at uber cool Dyad Cycles, about to go on a sightseeing tour of Montreal.

The tour group leader does ask, “Who can’t ride a bike? We can all ride bikes, right?” and I don’t say anything. Surely it would all come rushing back to me…right?

We suit up in helmets and gloves, and head outside to select our candy coloured electric scooters.


After choosing a bright teal bike, we all get a demo how to use the scooter. It’s super easy to learn how to do it. There’s a simple brake and you use the handle bar for gas. You don’t need to pedal!

After a few test runs, we are off! I’m a little wobbly on the bike and am quite possibly last, but I’m riding it!

1-DSCN0341We follow our tour guide and trail into the dedicated bike lane. Montreal has many more bike lanes than Toronto, which is great. The moment we left the bike lane and went into traffic, it was a little nerve-racking. Montreal is a busy city!


1-DSCN0364Seeing a city by scooter is definitely a fresh perspective. Our knowledgeable guide took us past funky murals, secret alley gardens and a visit to get fresh wood-fired Montreal bagels at my favourite bagel place- St. Viateur bagels.

After picking up a dozen bagels and cramming them into the front compartment of the scooter (it fit!) the real fun began. Montreal is actually named after Mount Royal, a huge hill in the middle of the city. The plan? To bike up the hill to see the beautiful view of the city.

Biking up the hill wasn’t too hard. The real issue was a winding path through green spaces, where many were out enjoying the day and walking their dogs. (I may have bashed into a few inanimate objects more than once by mistaking the gas for the brakes…but who’s counting?) The scooter effortlessly zipped up the hill in about 15 minutes. It was a bit of a cloudy day…but it was worth the view!

1-IMG_20140912_114733245_HDR 1-IMG_20140912_113838196_HDR 1-DSCN0363If you are venturing to Montreal, I would recommend taking a tour with Dyad Cycles! Tours are $89 and show you different parts of the city. You can choose between morning, noon or evening tours. Check it out!



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    Jan Napier
    November 5, 2014 at 12:28 PM

    You were awesome! I don’t think I would have been as brave as you if I weren’t an experienced cyclist.

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