Today I had a simple goal. To price match this object:

A sony alarm clock radio for my iphone. It was retailing at Best Buy for$99.99, but was on sale for $79.00 for Boxing Week. Since they were sold out at The Source, I simply wanted to price match it, and buy it.

For Christmas, I had gotten a ihome speaker dock. I wanted an alarm clock radio, though.

I went to three Best Buy’s and one Futureshop in desperation. Even the future shop, where there was NO SALE, was sold out. Even though it was retailing for $109.99! Despite being told that they had “lots” at Best Buy, at 9:50pm, when I went there was none. I can’t belive that this is so hard to get a hold of. The sale isn’t -that- good. Best Buy has other, cheaper docks on sale. Is everyone trying to price match? Does the world hate me?

All I know is that I have 2 more days to try and find a store that actually still carries this.This irks me so much. On Saturday, I was in Best Buy beside a stack of at least 30. Of course, that was before I saw The Source flyer, for $49.99.

I will not give up. I will return victorious.

Author: amanda

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