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Protect your skin this winter with Olay

Fall brings beautiful changing leaves, but also chilly temperatures and harsh environments for your skin. Olay‘s new collection helps to cushion the blow to sensitive skin.

First, there’s their new gel mask collection. I love gel products, because I feel like my skin absorbs them much easier. Olay’s Hydrating Overnight Gel Mask with Vitamin E infuses skin with nourishing moisture while you snooze. The combination is pleasantly light, and my skin felt soft and moist when I woke up after using the mask overnight. The hydrating mask is my favourite, but the overnight gel mask also comes in two other formulas, firming and brightening.

Next, there’s the new Olay Sensitive collection, formulated to calm stressed, dry skin and help fortify skin’s surface over time.

Over 72% of Canadian women report having sensitive skin. This collection doesn’t include soap, dyes or harsh surfactants. The ingredients used have been proven to fight redness and irritation. The best part? It provides immediate relief and helps protect against future flare ups.

When I get home after a long night, the last thing that I want to worry about is irritating my skin with makeup remover. I’ve been loving the Olay Sensitive Makeup Remover Wipes. They work really well, and remove my makeup in a few swipes. The wipes have micellar cleansing molecules to trap dirt and oil inside and remove it, so you don’t need to rinse with water.

After, I finish up with the Calming Liquid Cleanser. This product uses lamellar cleansing molecules which glide across skin to lift away dirt and impurities without disrupting skin’s natural structure. Both products are inspired by Hungarian Water Essence,and is infused with essences of aloe, cucumber and tea extracts.

Which product would you want to try?






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