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The Perfect Manicure with Tom Bachik & Le Vernis a L’Huile by Colour Riche



Tom Bachik, celebrity manicurist to the likes of J.Lo, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, taught us how to do the perfect manicure with brand new Le Vernis a L’Huile by Colour Riche polishes. The class was held at the beautiful Her Majesty’s Pleasure.


“The Perfect Manicure is just myopic details,” says Tom. “Focus on the basics and the better you do the basics the better your manicure looks.”

So what’s trending in the nail world right now?

“Nail trends seem to be heading back to more classic colours like reds and nudes with a modern twist. Both deep red bourdeaux and bright reds are popular. As we move into fall we’ll see heavily saturated colours. Nail art is trending towards simplistic art. Less bling, less sparkle. Now it’s more minimalist like negative space and simple lines.”


Here are Tom’s tips to get a picture perfect manicure.

Have a constant even nail shape
To get a even and consistent shape, point your nails away from you and keep your nails pointed up. You can point your nails towards you to get the rough shape, but you should point away because it’s easier for your eye to use the horizon as a guide to create even nail shapes. Draw a mental line down the center of your nail, and make sure to do the exact same filing motions on both sides of the nail.

Have a well hydrated cuticle and clear skin around the nails
Don’t push back your cuticle. Gently even up the shape of your cuticle. Too much cuticle? Use a nail sponge to buff away the cuticle. This will let you follow the nail shape (start in center and then file down) and will give you a super clean cuticle without you having to trim them. Don’t soak your nails in rubbing alcohol. A waterless manicure gives you longer wear and better results.

Applying the polish
Clean your nails with pure rubbing alcohol. When you use nail polish remover, it has other chemicals like moisturizer in it that can harm your manicure.
The less swipes, the more even and natural the colour will be. Wipe the brush on both sides instead of just one. This will create an even polish distribution.
Wait 1 minute between coats to save 10 minutes of dry time. Wait 2 minutes before applying your topcoat. Quick dry topcoats are designed to dry the top coat quickly, but can leave the polish still wet underneath. This is what happens when you dent your nails or get sheet marks.

Finish up:
Age Perfect Facial Oil: One drop on each nail and push the cuticle back towards the nail so it looks like the colour is coming right up to the nail.


About the new Le Vernis a L’Huile by Colour Riche collection
These polishes are beautifully packaged in a diamond cut crystal bottle. The polish want is cut to mimic the bottle and also controls the flow of polish so that it doesn’t drip off of the polish brush. The brush has 440 superfine hairs for a softer application and even coat. (The less hairs you have, the more likely you are to get streaks through your polish.) The brush also has a rounded tip that follows the shape of your cuticle.

The polish itself has 4 different oils infused into it. The oils make the colour more vivid and intense and gives the polish an awesome shine. 2 coats of colour will give you an intense high shine. When the polish dries the oils give off a light rose scent that smells really nice.

The verdict
I love, love this formula. It goes on smooth and even, and is nice a glossy. It also lasts a very long time, which is awesome. Find your favourite shades at your local drug store.


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