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PC Home Spring Collection


The PC Spring Collection is beautiful! Inspired by water, this collection has gorgeous graphic prints, gradient mixing pots and pretty patio furniture. The textile collection is inspired by water, and it shows!

1-11091165_565196697055_553573171_n  1-11122406_565196692065_815569581_n  1-11160078_565196657135_451310091_n These stylish dishes aren’t made out of plastic- its bamboo!  Bamboo Fibre is durable, holds colour well but doesn’t hold odors. The collection is also fully biodegradable, under the right conditions. This pattern is my favourite, but the ones below are lovely as well.



Take a look at the rest of the collection below.1-IMG_1897


1-11157009_565196712025_796769134_n 1-IMG_1886

What do you think? All products are available at Real Canadian Superstore..

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