Paramount Liberty Village Tasting

When I heard that one of my favourite restaurants Paramount Fine Foods at Liberty Village was having a tasting, there was no way I couldn’t be there! With items like their famous hummus, manakeesh, and flavourful wraps, Paramount has a variety of Middle eastern flavours to satisfy every palate.

For the appetizer, I got my favourite item on the menu which is quite new, the Yalla Special, a dish with fries, topped with chicken shawarma, garlic sauce, and tahini sauce. All of the flavours combined make for the ultimate Lebanese poutine (minus the cheese).

paramount 2

It was my first time trying the Chicken Shawarma plate. Chicken Shawarma at Paramount is chicken breast, and thigh grilled on a rotating spit (open fire grill), and then sliced off into bite sized pieces. It came with half and half (half fries and half rice) as an option, which is great for fries and rice lovers! There was also half a pita with the dish so you could make your own wrap (which I did).


My friend had the Shish Tawouk plate. This dish includes 2 grilled boneless, skinless, marinated chicken skewers. Comes in original or spicy, and with a side of garlic sauce, and rice, or fries or half and half.


Go to your nearest Paramount, and try them all




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