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Ontario Gas BBQ Challenge with Seasons & Suppers: #OGBChallenge

It’s BBQ season! Five bloggers have been challenged to create recipes using Ontario Gas BBQ grilling tools. Each blogger was challenged to create 5 original recipes. I spoke with Jennifer Maloney from Seasons and Suppers, all about BBQ’ing and the #OGBchallenge.

Tell me about your BBQ challenge dishes!

 I was tasked with creating a Thai inspired fruit dessert, Indian inspired pork ribs, a British inspired Beef Burger, an American inspired corn side dish and a Mexican inspired fish appetizer.
ribrackPhoto credit: Jennifer Maloney, Seasons and Suppers

Which BBQ tool(s) are you using? Do you like them?
For the BBQ Challenge, I used a burger press, a rib rack, a corn roaster, a cast-iron roaster and a Himalayan Salt Plate. I loved working with them all and will definitely use them often over the BBQ season.
I fell in love with the Himalayan Salt Plate, which is a large, thick slab of salt that retains heat much in the way cast-iron does. You heat it on the BBQ first, then you use the heat in the plate to cook. As it cooks, it infuses the meat or seafood with a pleasant salt flavour. I cooked fish on it and it was perfectly cooked and flavoured. I can’t wait to try more things on it.
Would this (these) be easy for a beginner to make?
I think cooking anything on a BBQ makes it more accessible. I know my husband isn’t much for cooking in our actual kitchen, but he’s game to try just about anything on the BBQ! I don’t think any of my recipes require anything beyond pretty basic cooking skills, so I hope people will give them a try.
What’s your favourite thing to BBQ?
I love salmon on the BBQ. There’s just something about the way a BBQ cooks it quickly and perfectly, with some lovely caramelized bits on it.
bread-pudding690-CPhoto credit: Jennifer Maloney, Seasons and Suppers
What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever BBQ’d?
Well, I think I’d have to say the Banana Bread Pudding I cooked for the BBQ Challenge. It’s the first time I’ve ever baked anything on a BBQ.
Any tips for someone that wants to BBQ for the first time?
I think the best tip for BBQing is to either get a BBQ with a built-in thermometer or to invest in one that sits inside, so you always know what the temperature is. Speaking of thermometers, an instant read thermometer for accurately testing the doneness of meat, is invaluable. Finally, I’ve learned the value of cooking with indirect heat sometimes, by turning off the burner (or burners) in one part of the BBQ. It allows things to cook more slowly, so they don’t become overly charred or cooked on the outside and not on the inside.
Great tips! To see Jennifer’s recipes or any of the other 4 challengers, visit! 
You can vote for you favourites until July 31st, or follow the discussion on Twitter #OGBChallenge. Each vote will be entered to win one of five $100 Ontario Gas BBQ Gift cards!

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