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Nu Bugel in Kensington Market

Earlier this month, I found myself downtown on a Saturday afternoon with time to kill. After thinking about what to do, I realized that I could use this time to visit one of my favourite neighborhoods in Toronto (Kensington Market) to check out Nu Bagels!



Nu Bügel
opened earlier this year. They specialize in traditional Montreal style wood fired bagels. (I have a bit of an obsession with these bagels and can been frequently seen toting bags of bagels from Fairmont Bagels in Montreal. Just sayin’.)  Montreal bagels are Jewish in origin. These bagels are boiled in honey sweetened water before they are popped into a wood burning oven.

The shop is family owned, and I spent some time chatting with the owner and his son as I put my order in for 1 dozen bagels. I’m a bit worried because it’s 5pm on a Saturday- just one hour till closing time. Will I be able to get hot bagels?


During the day, these long skinny poles are filled with bagels ready to be scooped up by hungry customers. During my visit, they are empty, empty poles. Ssold out!) The shop, however, is buzzing with activity. Their baker is hard at work sliding long thin trays of bagels into their brick oven.


I’m rewarded with fresh, piping hot bagels in minutes. I order a dozen sesame seed ($9) and the owner warns me not to close the paper bag, or else my bagels will become soggy. I immediately sit down and demolish a bagel. It’s sooo good. Crisp on the outside and chewy and slightly sweet on the inside. Perfect.



In addition to sesame, bagels are available in poppy seed, everything, plain, and onion. For those of you who prefer to eat your bagels in sandwich form, this bakery will also prepare fresh sandwiches and salads from their diverse menu. You can also enjoy coffee and tea with your bagels.



Nu Bügel is located at 240 Augusta Ave. Toronto.


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