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The Miraj Hamman Spa at the Shangri-la Hotel

1-Downloads2No, it’s not just you. The month of February was officially deemed the coldest month in Toronto…ever. This harsh month left my skin feeling super dry and in need of relaxation. What better time to go on a mini escape at the spa? I visited the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris at the Shangri-la Hotel.

I had the luxury of enjoying a personalized Hammam & Gommage ($130) service at the spa. Do you know what a Hammam is? A hammam is a traditional Turkish steam room. I’ve been to one before, but this was on a whole different level.

A Hammam & Gommage is a combination of steam & body exfoliation that is part of the authentic traditions of the Middle East.


The service gets you your own private treatment steam room. My therapist was really nice and answered all my questions about the treatment before I started. I was given a traditional wrap to wear (or you can go au naturel), and a glass of cold water. I lay down on the Jerusalem gold marble to relax for 15 minutes in the high intensity steam chamber, at 115 degrees. The Eucalyptus scent was soothing and I didn’t find it too hot. It was really nice, especially thinking about all of the ice outside.

Next, it was time for exfoliation. I left the high intensity steam room and entered the low intensity steam room, which was set at 105 degrees.

My therapist exfoliated my skin with eucalyptus infused black Moroccan soap and a special “Kessa” mitt. You can see all of the dead skin after, which sounds a bit gross but is also kind of validating. Your skin is now super smooth! The last step of the treatment is when the therapist rinses off the soap.


After the treatment, I was taken to relax in their beautiful relaxation lounge appointed with plush private seating areas and throw pillows.


I snacked on grapes and sweet, flaky baklava. I fell in love with the tea that was served- a Black Moroccan Chai Mint that is exclusive to the spa. (I tried to buy some but alas, could not.)

I truly enjoyed my visit to the spa, and was reluctant to leave to go back into the cold!

Thinking of hitting up this spa?
-Be sure to book well in advanced, this gets booked up quickly!
– This treatment involves a shower, so you will get wet. They do have disposable undies, but you might want to bring an extra pair.
– The treatment lasts 30 minutes. For extra relaxation, add on a massage!


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