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Making Chocolate at Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport chocolate is 250g square bar of chocolate divided into 16 pieces. The chocolate comes in unique flavours, such as Schoko-Duo (milk chocolate and white chocolate), Knusperflakes (chocolate with cornflakes!) and my favourite, Knusperkeks (milk chocolate with a biscuit inside). There are over 100 variations of delicious, delicious chocolate. While I was in Berlin, I heard that I could make my own chocolate at Ritter Sport, I was really excited! I headed there at noon on a Saturday morning. It was crazy busy.

The Ritter Sport store is part store, part cafe and part chocolate factory. The store is colourful, with hundreds of squares of chocolate lining the walls. Pick and choose from popular and unique flavours. You can buy over sized bars or tiny mini squares. Making your very own chocolate bar costs €3.90 and makes a great souvenir. You can choose from 25 ingredients, including roasted almonds, jelly bellies, crispy rice, chili…and more. They also have special limited ingredients. When I went in December, gingerbread could be added. A maximum of 3 ingredients can be chosen, and you have to select from milk or dark chocolate.

I waited in the line for about 30 minutes until it was my turn. The girl behind the counter filled a plastic mold with milk chocolate and measured out my chosen ingredients (almonds, gingerbread and crispy rice). The ingredients were added, and my chocolate bar was put in the chiller to set. You get a little ticket and have to come back to pick up your chocolate in about an hour. You can spend that hour exploring the store!

And that’s it! You and your tasty chocolate creation are ready to go.

Französische Strasse 24
10117 Berlin

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