Maison Riviera’s new Greek Yogurt

I’m in love with Maison Riviera. Have you tried their delicious salted butter in adorable jars? Now they have a new product, perfect for Greek yogurt lovers.Everyone is trying to eat healthier. Yogurt is delicious, but can contain lots of sugar.

Rivera’s newest creation is a Greek Yogurt that has 40% less sugar than other Greek yogurt brands. Each 125g serving only has 8 grams of sugar, and is lactose-free.

To create this new product, Riviera used ripe fruits and then left them to macerate for a significant length of time under the watchful eye of Italian master confectioner. This helped to to draw out the natural sugar and avoid the need to add stevia or other artificial sweeteners. Next, they added their fresh Canadian-sourced dairy ingredients to produce this first-of-its-kind 40 per cent reduced sugar Greek-style yogurt,in Quebec.

I tried mango and raspberry. The mango is my favourite! The yogurt comes in a total of 7 flavours: raspberry, mango, banana, orchard fruit, caramel, vanilla and plain. You can find this product in Ontario at Whole Foods, Sobeys, Sobeys Urban Fresh, Foodland, Metro and other stores.

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