I Love DK…Rocks & Minerals!


When I was younger, I wanted to be a geologist. (Along with being an artist and author). We had just moved into a brand new house, and the builders were still building new houses across the street. The neighborhood kids and I used to love to play on the giant mountain of dirt and tunnel tubing. It was an awesome (and probably dangerous) place to play.

My best friend and I would go rock hunting all the time, and would pretend to be geologists, collecting samples for our rock collection. I still have my rock collection to this day.

I loved to look up rocks in my DK Eyewitness Rocks and Minerals book. It listed all of the gems, rock types, formations, and even how to start a rock collection! It was the best book ever.

I was super happy to discover that this book is still in print! Of course it’s been updated with the newest info about rocks and minerals. It’s the perfect gift for a budding curious mind….or for a grown up blogger that still has a rock collection.

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