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L’Occitane Intense Fruity Lipstick is perfect for summer

It’s been a weird summer, hasn’t it? Usually I’d be all about the summer beauty, but it’s been a bit weird putting on a full face of makeup only to cover half of it with a mask. On the flip side, it’s kind of made make up extra special. Now, wearing lipstick is a treat! I’m extra careful when I select my shade and look forward to actually have someone see my lips. Crazy times, eh?

I’ve been loving L’Occitane Intense Fruity Lipstick. They glide on smooth and offer up vibrant colour. Each lipstick is infused with cold-pressed pomegranate oil, organic carrot oil from Provence, Corsican pomelo oil and vitamin E. The finish is semi-matte and doesn’t feel drying. It’s the perfect summer lip.

Intense Fruity Lipstick is available in 11 juicy shades and is $24 each.

I tried Rouge Craquant and Ravie en Rouge. The lipstick was long-lasting (it can last for up to 8 hours!) and my favourite shade was Ravie en Rouge, which was a deeper red. Rouge Craquant had brighter tones of orange. Check out the full collection here.

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