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Le Matin Bakery

I have been hearing good things about the Le Matin bakery in Leslieville, so I decided to check it out! The friendly shop owner told me that she had been studying baking in France when she met her husband. Now, they both run this popular bakery.

The bakery carries chocolate, croissants, baguettes and various breads. They make two different types of baguettes ($2.50).

A crispier darker version and a lighter softer one. I bought the lighter baguette, a specialty bread made with mozzarella and bacon bits ($4.00) and was able to snag a brioche. ($2.00) The baguette was delicious!! It’s now pretty much my favourite baguette in the city. It was chewy, fresh and filling. The best part is that the next day it wasn’t hard! It was still delicious, although obviously not as fresh as the first time. Usually baguettes have a shelf life of a day. The brioche was also tasty, and the specialty bread was interesting. Some of the pieces of bacon inside were fatty so it was a little hard to chew. Maybe it would have been better to use crispier pieces of bacon.

I can’t wait to go back and try the croissants and those yummy looking lemon tarts! Le Matin is located on 1560 Queen Streeyt East.

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