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KISS and IMPRESS Fall 2023

With holidays like Christmas and Halloween coming up, KISS Nails and imPRESS will have you party ready in no time at all!

KISS Vogueish Fantasy nails has so many fun styles for Halloween. Try glow in the dark, ombre, multi-colour, and more! These nails are square shape and are high shine.

KISS Gel Fantasy is perfect for those who love a acrylics and shaped nails. The a high arch, and coffin shapes is salon style. You can wear up to 7 days and they’re super easy to apply.

KISS Gel Magnetic are your next go to holiday nails! Kiss Gel Magnetic are short length and square shaped, made with a magnetic powder effect that boasts a velvet finish.

imPRESS Color Press-On Nails- All Black

We love our impress colour press on manicures. No more smudging your nails after getting ready,These nails have even faster application, just peel and stick onto your nail! The pure fit technology makes for a comfortable fit. Impress colour are short in style and square shaped.

KISS Falscara are basically lash extensions at home! Simply apply the bond to your lashes, then use the applicator to pick up a lash, and place underneath the base of your natural lashes. Once finished, put on a thin coat of seal to hold lashes in place, and get rid of residue. Keep them up to a week with the overnighter bond after your seal. To remove, just use the Falscara remover, or oil free makeup remover and place on eyes for 10 seconds and gently wipe off the eyelashes.

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