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Kingsbrae Gardens in New Brunswick

September 20139



I spent some time visiting the beautiful Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden in St. Andrews. This 72 acre garden has over 50,000 different plants growing within it. There’s a maze, a zoo (with alpacas, peacocks and and ducks!) Whatever garden you’re looking for, you can bet that you’ll find it here. They have a sculpture garden, a Celtic knot garden, an edible garden, a herb garden and even a secret garden!


I started off my visit with some lunch, and just outside of the cafe I spotted free roaming alpcas, dining on grass! This was seriously the highlight of my visit. They let me get really close to them!

They were actually there with their keepers, eating their own lunch. They eat tons of grass, so they graze on different grass fields in the garden.

September 20137The Kingsbrae Garden Cafe in housed in a beautiful building built in 1910 and designed as a summer home by Edward Maxwell.

My meal was exceptionally good. I had the sun-dried tomato pasta with chicken and Parmesan with lemonade. On the way out, I picked up a jar of Kingsbrae honey. The bees feast on the gardens to produce the honey!

After lunch we had a lovely guided tour of the gardens. Here were my favourite parts.

kingbrae   kingsbrae4

The Children’s Garden (above photos) had so many charming things inside of it. There were about 4 child sized houses for kids to play in, a large friendly bunny and my personal favourite- the teapot tree.

This adorable tiny kiwi from the Edible Garden. You are actually allowed to eat everything growing in that garden, so things don’t stick around for long!


This beautiful hedge is very old….take a look at it inside!


These crazy root systems remind me of a the branches outside of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

September 20138Last but not least, my favourite part of the garden was the sculpture garden. Each year the Canadian Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden is held. The winner gets $20,000, and the second-place winner will receive $15,000!

The sculptures of the first and second winners remain in the garden. There are some awesome sculptures there. My favourite is the one with the girl and the umbrella above, and this horse one below. Isn’t it great?

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 The Kingsbrae Gardens are open until Thanksgiving Weekend, in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

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