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Japanese in Whitby

Last night, I headed up to what I fondly refer to as The Magic Plaza, in Whitby. I call it the magic plaza because it has a movie theater and pretty much every type of food you could ever want to eat. And it has a Caffe Demetre!

This time, we noticed this Japanese sushi and all you can eat restaurant called Takemoto, at 75 Consumers Dr. The table tops were bamboo and the dinner menu was $22.00 per person. The menu was great! It had lots of my favourite Japanese dishes like yakitori, shrimp tempura, chicken katsu, donburi, teryiaki and gyoza.

The menu also included soft drinks and green tea. The service was great. Attentive and very friendly. The menu also has a small chinese food section, featuring general tao chicken, spicy beef, fried rice and lo mein. The general tao and spicy beef were delicious, but the noodles and rice were subpar- mushy and tasteless.

I don’t eat sushi, but my friends said that the sashimi was lovely and very fresh. They also enjoyed the spicy salmon rolls. The only roll they didn’t like was something called the “Whitby Roll” (which didn’t sound promising to me) and it wasn’t very good.

I was very excited to find a sushi roll that is now my favourite- yam tempura sushi! It was super yummy. I would recommend going to this restaurant if you ever find yourself in the Durham area. It has a decent menu, fresh food and it’s way better than Marimoko (Pickering) and Sakura Japanese (Scarborough) by far. (Interestingly enough, Makimono and Tatemono are run by the same group! Why the huge difference in quality?)

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