January Round Up

Out & About at…

1.London Food & Wine Show

2. Jack Astor’s

3. Loft Spring Preview

Movies I watched

Her: I really loved this! I went in being skeptical that I would enjoy it but left amazed. The movie was touching, hilarious and filled with interesting technology. I recommend!

Frozen: I think I love Frozen the most out of the “new” Disney movies. (Tangled, Brave, etc) The songs are amazing, the animation beautiful and the story compelling! Yes, I’m going to buy this.

Places I went



Books I Read

When in Doubt, Add Butter
The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe
These Broken Stars
Dark Triumph
The Elite
Going Vintage
Up and Down
Side Effects May Vary
The Good Luck of Right Now

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