I bet you’ve been stressed out with the end of summer and all of this back to school jazz. Well, it’s time to take a load off at Spa Week!.

What’s Spa Week, you ask? Spa Week occurs in tandem across North America. It’s a special week where an array of spa services are available for $50. You can get facials, manicures, massages, body polishes…the list of treatments are endless. And only for $50!

I really like this, because it gives people that wouldn’t necessarily go to a spa a chance to experience it. Many of these treatments are about $100, so it’s a great deal!

I booked a massage at Holt Renfew’s Spa, and I can’t wait! There are many services being offered for only $50! Book your treatment today, spots are filling up fast! Spa Week is from October 15th to October 21.


Author: amanda

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