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Daytripping: The Humber River Pedestrian Bridge



I’m really happy that the weather is warming up, and that summer will be here soon! I went for a walk on the Humber Pedestrian Bridge.


This is a bridge of many names. It’s known as the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Humber River Arch Bridge, and the Gateway Bridge. Oy.  The bridge was completed in the mid-1990s and spans 100 meters over the Humber River.


This busy Etobicoke spot is great for walking, cycling and taking in the waterfront. You can walk along the Shared Path, under the bridge and take in some swans.




I’ve also been told that this is a really romantic spot when the sun goes down. You can see all of the city lights. As you walk along the bridge, you can also see that many couples have locked their love onto the bridge, like in Italy. Cute!


Click here to see a map of the Humber River Bridge. Please note that parking can be hard to find in the summer months, and is mostly paid. (we found free parking though!)

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