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24 Hours in Moncton, New Brunswick


Moncton is the perfect hub to start your exploration of New Brunswick. This city is only province that is officially bilingual in French and English (Quebec is unilingual). Check out some unique natural features, fun local shops and good eats.


Where to stay

September 201310 The Crowne Plaza is a good place to base yourself in the city. The comfortable hotel is a short walk away from downtown shops and has a delicious breakfast buffet that includes fish cakes! Yum.




What to do

Tidal Bore: Take a walk downtown and peek at the Petitcodiac River, or what the locals call the chocolate river due to the mud bottom that’s often visible. This river is home to a natural phenomena called the Tidal Bore. This is an after effect from the nearby Bay of Fundy. The higher waters in the bay cause the water in the river to roll backwards in a single wave, which can be up to 24 inches tall! The tide rolls through the river twice a day.

The tidal bore has been getting some attention lately from the surfing community. This wave is perfect for surfing, and is the longest wave. Visitors are starting to recognize this and have come from around the world surf this wonder. Surfers from California even broke a record!

Magnetic Hill: Head up the hill backwards in this natural phenomenon turned fun tourist attraction. With a nearby zoo and wharf, this can be the perfect spot to spend the day.

Magnetic Hill Winery: These delicious wines are made from handpicked fruits. Take a tour, sample some wine for free or buy a custom packed picnic basket to enjoy on the beautiful grounds.




Grab a one of a kind hand-painted porcelain souvenir or cup from this tiny French shop. Bonus: Pick out one of their Moncton skyline mugs for the perfect gift.


Visit the Artisan Village downtown to explore a 8,000 square feet space of art galleries, studio spaces and unique items to buy.



Tide and Bore (see what they did there? Tidal bore?) serves up tasty fare in their Gastropub downtown.  Craving seafood? Check out Catch 22.

Day Trip


The Hopewell Rocks are magnificent, and a must see when in Moncton.

To read more about my visit to the beautiful New Brunswick, click here.

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