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HBO Game of Thrones & Digital Downloading

gotAre you excited for the return of Game of Thrones? I’ve read all of the books, but was a latecomer to the HBO show. I’ve been scrambling to catch up, and what’s been really helpful has been getting Game of Thrones on DVD!

Sometimes I just want to lie on my couch and watch TV on my actual television, not a computer. Other times, I want to stream from my phone or just lie on my bed and watch it from my Android. HBO has the perfect two in one solution for both scenarios.

I picked up HBO Games of Thrones, Season 4. The best part of the DVD is the digital download feature. You can download the episodes to your iTunes account, or to your Flixster account to watch online or on your phone on the go. It’s awesome!

So, if you’re struggling to catch up before season 5, and you like to collect DVDs, pick up the set!

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