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[Review] Against All Grain

1-IMG_20141027_203205I had the chance to review Against all Grain by Danielle Walker. We have been a strict gluten free house for several years and have fallen into a cooking rut. This cookbook is not only great for beginners, but it is also great for those already living the lifestyle who need variety. One of the best things about this cookbook is that it contains recipes for food we would usually buy pre-made. I chose to make Peruvian-style chicken, BLT Salad with Herb Ranch Dressing, and the wraps.


I have never met someone whose love of garlic rivals my own, but I feel like I have found a bulb-loving soul mate in Walker. We are talking nose tickling, eye watering, delicious garlic that permeates every part of the Peruvian Chicken. The recipe made each of the spices and vegetables blend together in an eye and mouth pleasing masterpiece that will be a part of our house menu for years to come. While the timing was off in the instructions (it took a lot longer to cook than indicated), it was both filling and satisfying.

1-IMG_20141027_203226The BLT Salad was simple, serving more as a reminder that these things are great and can be part of your regular menu. The tasty herb ranch-dressing recipe included even more garlic than the chicken recipe did and is not for the faint of heart!

1-IMG_20141027_202951Finally, I made the wraps, something that usually tastes pretty gross when store-bought. The recipe called for six eggs, which ended up giving the wrap a bit of an omelet taste. The wraps need to be very thin and come out a bit like crepes but in the end they were everything I hoped for taste-wise and will be perfect for our next burrito night.

Overall, I loved this cookbook, the recipes turn out exactly as they look in the pictures and taste even better. There are tons of ideas as well as a meal plan and suggestions for leftovers. This is definitely a welcome addition to my kitchen shelf.

This post was written by guest writer Stephanie Smith.


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