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Gorgeous Geometrics for Christmas at Canadian Tire

Geometric Holiday Decorations

I’ve fully embraced my love for geometrics. It started off slowly, but now has turned into, Can I work geometrics into my nautical themed wedding? (The answer is yes.)

Canadian Tire has an array of beautiful geometric pieces that are perfect for the holidays!

1-15592672_592330655385_184827234_n 1-15494128_592330650395_1931677514_n I fell in love with their Geometric Wreath and stylish Geometric tree. My all time favourite however, is their Geometric Rose Gold Vase.

The vase is only $19, and is beautiful. It’s rose gold sheen can easily brighten up a holiday brunch, or be used as a focal price in a room.


I offset mine with some shimmering gold and bronze ornaments. It looks beautiful when it hits the flickering lights from our Christmas tree!


Another look is to highlight the vase with a sparkling string of Starry Noma lights.


These lights are thin and flexible, so you can wrap them around anything you fancy. They are also available in white or multicolored leds, so you can be as creative as you want!

Check out the entire line of Canadian Tire Christmas decor here. What would you choose for your space?




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