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Glamp your cares away at Longpoint Eco Adventure

I woke up snug beneath several layers of warm blankets- so cozy that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I padded on the hardwood floors to the bathroom and splashed warm water on my face and took a shower. I then got ready and headed out to breakfast. Did I mention that I was in a tent? Welcome to glamping.

1-IMG_9732Longpoint Eco Adventure is an outdoor adventure park near Port Dover in Norfolk County.

When I found out about their Wilderness Suites, I knew that I had to stay there! I was a little worried about spending the night there during the first weekend of an unseasonably warm May. I didn’t have to worry- it was awesome!

The safari tents have been designed based on one of the Long Point Eco Adventures owners’ experience in Africa climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

IMG_20140502_154146528When I first walked into my tent I was giddy with the thought of sleeping in a real bed instead of a blow up mattress. The double bed is incredibly cozy and warm. It’s especially warm with it’s heated blankets with separate temperature controls- perfect if you and your bed mate can’t agree on a setting.

The tents are outfitted with solar powered lights and the hardwood floors are made with reclaimed wood.


IMG_20140502_153113450The best part is the bathroom that’s right in your tent. You don’t have to go outside! The sink has warm water.

1-IMG_9720This is the private outdoor shower attached to your tent. I was reluctant to go into it at first- it was cold outside!- but I did. Showering outdoors was lots of fun and oddly relaxing. The water was piping hot. You have to keep your showers short if you are sharing the tent with others that need to shower. The water does warm up after it runs out, so have some coffee and give it some time. I had a 10 minute shower and the water stayed warm.

1-IMG_9735-001 1-IMG_9793In the morning, we headed to the breakfast tent.

IMG_20140503_102230401 1-IMG_0956-001Adam, one of the staff members at Longpoint, made us a delicious scramble with cheese, grilled veggies and fresh dill.

There’s lots to explore on the grounds. Activities include zip-lining, hiking, kayaking and specialty programs. There’s even a winery, Burning Kiln, on site! (I paid them a visit, find out more next week! )

I really wanted to check out their Observatory tower and do some stargazing. However, it was a cloudy night so we weren’t able to do a tour.

1-IMG_9780 1-IMG_9785We did get to go up and check out the telescope!  They have a super powerful 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. It can spot celestial objects 10,000 times fainter than the faintest objects visible to the naked eye! I also got to use a really cool laser pointer.

The fall is the most ideal time for stargazing. Find out more here.

We had a lovely time glamping! The best times to visit are in the summer or fall. Check it out!


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