Santa goes all around the world in one night- can you imagine all of the delicious food he comes across? President’s Choice believes that Santa is a foodie- and here are some of his favourites from his travels!!


PC® black label Isle of Man Cheddar: Luxuriously smooth Isle of Man Extra Mature Cheddar is a firm bodied, full-flavoured cheese with a smooth close finish. A cheese-lover’s dream.

 PC Memories of Thailand: An authentic sweet and spicy Thai sauce, perfect for dipping chicken, spring rolls and shrimp.
PC Tortilla & Jalapeño Cheese Sticks: Akin to nachos and cheese with salsa and jalapeños on top – in ideal little party-friendly pop-in-your-mouth-size pieces!
PC Butterbean & Roasted Garlic Hummus Chickpea Dip and Spread: No description needed. Yum!
PC Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Cake Baking Mix: Preparing moist, rich, vanilla cupcakes or cakes has never been easier or tasted so delicious – and no one needs to know they’re not from scratch!

How would you like to try some PC products for yourself? One lucky winner will get a $25 gift card to spend on President’s Choice Products!


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