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Getting Fancy at Fancy Franks

December 20132December 20133

You might be wondering, how fancy can hot dogs be? Pretty fancy, my friend. Pretty fancy. After visiting Fancy Franks for their one year anniversary celebration, I returned to check out their regular menu.

Between two of us, we devoured three hot dogs and a poutine. Come with an appetite, because these dogs are filling!

Each dog can be made with a classic Frank’s all beef hot dog or a mild, spicy or turkey sausage.  Frank’s hot dogs are hand twisted and are made with beef shoulder. Click here to see the full menu.


Buffalo wing lovers take note- Frankie Goes to Buffalo is basically like eating an upgraded buffalo wing…in hot dog form.

The hot dog is rolled and fried in crispy panko breadcrumbs. It’s topped with tangy blue cheese dressing, then garnished with celery and carrot sticks. It also has crumbled chicken bacon and wing sauce.


Up next was Frankie 90210. This nod to California comes with a mix of avocado and tomato along with crisp slices of bacon. It’s then drizzled with olive oil. Surprisingly light and oh so good.


My favourite hot dog was Frankie’s Got Soeul. This flavourful hot dog has Korean beef ribs made in house and shredded to top this hot dog. It’s served with kimchi, scallions and sesame seeds. The combination of the beef ribs and the hot dog was amazing. Yum!


Although Fancy Frank’s main focus is hot dogs, they put a lot of care into their other menu items. They have three different types of poutine. We shared the Bacon and Eggs poutine. I enjoyed it’s large cheese curds and perfectly crisp bacon. The poutine is finished off with gravy and a fresh sunny side up egg.



If you amazingly aren’t full after that, wash it all down with a handmade milkshake (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) and finish off with hot mini donuts.

Fancy Franks has their own mini donut machine, and they serve them up to order. You can get them dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon, or go for extra fancy and get them filled. Fillings include nutella & crushed biscotti and my favourite- lemon curd.


Fancy Franks is on 326 College St, Toronto.


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