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Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market in Berlin

One of the unexpectedly wonderful things about visiting Berlin in the winter, was the abundance of Christmas markets! Berlin has over 60 Christmas markets, and each one is unique. European Christmas markets are pretty much the best thing ever. They run from the last week of November until Christmas.

The Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market is one of the best in the city! I visited three markets, and this one was my favourite! I actually went here during the day. Because I went here during an off-peak time, I didn’t see some of the artisan demonstrations or see any performances, but I still really enjoyed it.

They had tons of little wooden houses selling a variety of delicious foods. Raclette (my new favourite food, hot cheese scraped onto meat or bread), hot roasted nuts, schnitzel, jam, apple chips, flammkuchen (german pizza) and of course sausages. Other than things to eat, they also were selling beautiful wooden advent calendars, pretty ornaments, hanging lights…lots of amazing things.

Of course, this is Berlin so they were also selling Lumumba & Glogg; warm mulled wines. Delicious!! I still have dreams about this place.

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