Fortune-ate exhibition

Nuit Blanche is pretty much one of my favourite events that Toronto has. I’ve been working/volunteering at it since it’s inception.

This year I am lucky enough to have an installation at the Gladstone Hotel. It’s an interactive installation that needs lots of participation from people like you!!

Here’s a little blurb about the exhibition.

Everything that can happen in this world has already happened to someone else, and will probably happen to you. This installation makes fun of our need to look toward the future and wonder what’s coming next. For most of us, it isn’t that hard to guess. Most of us will find a job, get married, buy a house and have babies.

But what if it wasn’t that idealistic? What if you created the atomic bomb, died an untimely death because a vending machine fell on you, or became a dictator? From the ridiculous to the mundane, all of these predictions have happened to someone else, and could happen to you.


Participants will be ushered through a hallway at the Gladstone Hotel, that has hundreds of fortune cookies hanging from the ceiling. At 3am, the installation turns interactive. Participants will have the chance to tear down a fortune, break it open and see what’s in store.

Please participate! I need lots and lots of fortune submissions! Click here to find out more, and to submit! Thank you so much.

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