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Firkin Pub launches a tasty revolution!

I was excited to be invited to taste Firkin pub’s new menu! They are undergoing a serious re-launch. When I think about the Firkin pubs, all I remember a series of hilarious commercials that they had a couple of years ago (“Um, is this like a Firkin pub?”  “Why yes, Britney, it is!” Does anyone remember those??).  And that they had pretty good chicken strips. Of course, when I think of them now, all I can remember is this awesome meal.

For their 25th anniversary, they’ve re-branded themselves into a sleek modern pub! The new design features a fresh, contemporary décor, a brand new menu, British cultural insignias and a curated list of cocktails, wines and craft beers.

I started with a Pineapple Upside Down Cake cocktail (smirnoff vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, orange, cherry and geraldine ) and it was delicious.

The first dish was the Crispy Fish Tacos. Snapper was lightly battered in tempura and served with pico de gallo and guac. It was very light and fresh.

I’m not a big salad girl (why eat salad when you can eat…anything else?) but the Cobb salad was next, and I loved it. It was my first Cobb salad, so maybe I’ve just been eating the wrong salads? The roasted turkey breast, boiled egg, avocado and blue cheese made this salad a winner in my book.

The Stuffed Yorkie was a miniature Yorkshire pudding with tender braised pot roast and creamy mashed potatoes. Yum!

At this point I was already full, but my favourite dish was next….

Just writing about the Big Hog poutine is making me crave it! This delicious mound of maple BBQ pulled pork, bacon and mozzarella cheese was fantastic. It was also served in an adorable little cast iron pot. My favourite dish!

The red snapper was sauteed and finished in the oven with white wine. The fish was tasty, and the lemon herb potatoes and tomatoes served with this were bursting with flavour.

At this point, I was incredibly full…but dessert was next! This warm sticky toffee pudding was a delicious end to a brilliant meal.

I also managed to try a hot Tootsie Roll drink, which was a yummy concoction of chocolate, grand mariner, and vodka among other things. Delicious!

After the dinner was the jam packed after party! Pinky’s nails were on hand to give Brit inspired mini manis.I loved it!

Bottom line: You need to get yourself to a Firkin pub! The upgraded menu and updated decor makes this a perfect place to grab dinner, or just hang out. Check out the menu here.

To see the new look, visit these newly updated locations: Davisville (Bull & Firkin, 1835 Yonge St.), Rosedale (Quail & Firkin, 1055 Yonge St.), York Mills (Goose & Firkin, 1875 Leslie St.), Markham (Owl & Firkin, 7181 Woodbine Ave.) and the Entertainment District (Friar & Firkin, 160 John St.)

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