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[Cool Shop] Escents Aromatherapy Arrives in Toronto


January stated off slow for me, and started ramping up pretty quickly! I’ve been to a number of events this month, but my favourite event was the launch of Toronto’s first Escents store at The Holt Renfrew Centre.


Escents is an aromatherapy store that was founded in 1992 in Vancouver by Jacqui MacNeill. Here, things work a little differently. You first choose your Scentless product, and then choose custom scents to add to it.. They have over 100 scents to choose from, not including combinations that you can create. Essential oils sold by the drop is also available, which is pretty cool. If you’re looking for a drop of an expensive oil like rose, you can buy a single drop to add to your face cream.

Single note scents are pure essential oils. Essential oils soak right into your bloodstream, which really helps with their healing properties, especially because they are natural scents.

Some essential oils that they have are: Bergamont (my favourite), Lavender, Eucalyptus, Neroli, Lemon, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Jasmine and more.

Escents also carries a large selection of their signature Aroma blends. Aroma blends are a combination of essentials oils and other scents. They’re organized in an easy way (by mood: energy, fresh, indulgent, passionate) so that you can easily find a scent that you like. These scents can then be combined with your favourite essential oil, or used as is.

I fell in love with two Aroma blends: Squeeze (an intoxicating blend of grapefruit and mandarin) and Brussels (a delicious mix of vanilla and cardamom).

My favourite part of the visit? Creating my own custom aroma at The Blending Bar! The Blending Bar was amazing. There are over 100 scents that you can choose from.


First, you can choose your Scentless product. The selection includes fragrances, bubble bath, body oil. soothing gel, lotion and reed diffusers just to name a few.


Then, the fun begins. You can choose any essential oil or Aroma blend (or both!) to go into your product. Choose about 5 essential oils is a safe bet.


Then, each drop is painstakingly added to your product of choice. The drops added depends on the products being used, but can be up to 100 drops! You can adjust as you go along to make sure that you’re getting the scent that you really want.

1-IMG_0304I tried my hand at adding a few drops, and was pretty bad at keeping count.


I went home with my own custom blends of Jojoba oil and Comfry gel. I loved this experience, and I know that you will too! I already plan to take my Mom here to blend up her own scents for her birthday.

Escents, 50 Bloor St W, Toronto



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