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A Winter Sleigh Ride at Dual Acres


When people say that there’s nothing to do in the winter, it baffles me. There’s so much to do! Whether you stay in Toronto or go a bit further to neighboring regions, you can definitely find a way to enjoy the winter.

For me, one of my winter goals for the last few years has been to go on a sleigh ride. Last month, in Grey County, my sleigh ride dreams came true!

Dual Acres is located in Keppel township (about 2.5 hours from Toronto) on the DeVries family farm. They own a beautiful farm with a rich variety of forest including maple trees, birch trees and evergreen trees.


We arrived one Friday at dusk during a snowy day. (I’m so happy that it snowed, it really makes it that much more magical.) After a quick visit to the adorable cabin, we’re climbing into a carriage pulled by two black horses.


It was beautiful! Traveling through the snow covered trees with no sound but the muffled silence of the woods and the bells on the horses. Occasionally, our friendly wagon driver would share a historical story with us, or a story about the family farm.


The sleigh ride is very Instagram-able




As night fell, we returned to the cabin to warm up at the wood stove and to indulge in some hot chocolate.


Night not your thing? They also offer sleigh rides during the day. They can accommodate super romantic groups of two (they have an adorable two person sleigh) and larger families. They even have an accessible sleigh! I highly recommend visiting them and going for a ride one weekend.

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