Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor

Luxury brand Dior’s holiday collection Splendor is a great mix of beautiful holiday makeup pigments, and sparkly hues. With colours from champagne, to burgundy, there’s something that’s guaranteed to make your holiday list!

Couture Lips


This super cool gold packaged lipstick comes in five different luxury shades. With colours from berry to a bright red, this lipstick differs from the rest with it’s micronized silicon powder. Lipstick will stay on with incredible comfort, as the formula keeps lips hydrated.

Retails for $46.00 at The Bay

Sculpted Eyesimg_7418

The decorative eyeshadow palette’s sequin pattern was inspired by Dior Haute couture’s Atelier’s work. Coming in two different limited sets, pink, mauve and violet, and the other a more smokey look white silver and black, any one of these palettes will make you stand out at the party.

Retails for $73.00 at The Bay

Magnified Manicureimg_7401

Reminiscent of a Christmas Ornament, these nail colours are perfect to go with that holiday outfit you’ve been planning. With colours like gold with metallic accents, to burgundy Dior’s rich formula polishes will make your nails stand out from the crowd. Use with the “broken mirror” (001 nova) top coat for extra sparkle!

Retails for $34.00 at The Bay



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