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Dinner at Morton’s the Steakhouse at the Park Hyatt Hotel

1-IMG_0740Morton’s The Steakhouse, invited me to have dinner last week! I excitedly accepted and brought my Dad along with me, because he loves steak!

Morton’s is a high end steakhouse chain with only have one location in Canada. they take great pride in their steak.

Their beef is USDA prime which is the highest grade for US beef. The beef is shipped to Canada and cut. It is then wet aged in cryovac which allows the beef to age. Once aged they are sent  to the restaurant.

1-IMG_20140309_172128010Morton’s is located in the Park Hyatt hotel in Yorkville. The restaurant has a warm and cozy atmosphere, making it an excellent place to take a date! When we were seated, the waiter swung out the table so that we could sit down. It was a fun touch! I am going to note that it was quite a dark setting, so please forgive my photos.

Our waiter was very knowledgeable about steak, and the entire menu, in fact. He was very helpful in helping us select the perfect cut of steak.

1-IMG_20140309_172133450A warm onion bread was brought to the table with whipped butter. It was very good, and nice to see something other than the typical white bread on the table.

1-IMG_20140309_1752221211-IMG_20140309_175209956We started with the Jumbo Shrimp Alexander ($21). These breaded shrimp were served in a white butter sauce. The butter sauce was delicious and we enjoyed this dish.

As you imagine, there was an overwhelming amount of different steak cuts that could be chosen. I decided to go with a 12 oz Center-Cut Filet Mignon, ($53) because I wanted to have really tender steak. It’s the leanest and most tender cut. My Dad wanted to have a more flavourful cut, so he had a Chicago Style Prime Bone-in Ribeye ($57).

For an extra $12, you could turn any steak into “Oscar Style,”- topped with lump crab meat, asparagus and Bearnaise sauce. So we did!


1-IMG_20140309_180654417The steaks were amazing!!! Mine was so tender and pretty much melted in my mouth. It was perfectly cooked. Both steaks were also huge! We couldn’t finish them because we had sides and desserts to think of!

1-IMG_07381-IMG_20140309_180911303We chose two potato sides ($13 each) with our steaks. The Parmesan and Truffle Matchstick Fries arrived in a towering, crispy mound of deliciousness.

The Lyonnaise Potatoes were crispy pan fried potatoes with onions and parsley.

IMG_20140309_183328701While we were eating, it was lots of fun to look across the room into the open kitchen. I could see the chefs seasoning and cooking the steaks non-stop all night. On a busy night, they could do up to 250 steaks!

If you manage to make it till dessert, Morton’s specialty is souffles..including chocolate! They also have a popular Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake, which is what we ended our meal with.

This warm chocolate lava cake oozes milk chocolate. You can’t go wrong!

1-IMG_0747 1-IMG_0746I highly recommend you pay a visit to Morton’s the next time you are craving steak! Don’t like steak? No problem. The menu was filled with temping non-steak options, like crab cakes, salads, crab legs, pasta and more. Check out the menu here.

Morton’s The Steakhouse is at 4 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2E8 and is only open for dinner.

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