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ALEX AND ANI Deep Sea Collection


I’ve always found the sea inspiring. Something about the waves are calming, and I love marine life like turtles, jellyfish and whales. I’m also nautical obsessed- an obsession that returns to me seasonally in June.

All these reasons and more are why I’m in love with the ALEX AND ANI Deep Sea Collection for summer! Drawing inspiration from the sea, this collection features my favourite things including: anchors, starfish and jellyfish.


Under the sea everything becomes clear. The seabed,
full of its magic and color, is a place of endless
exploration. Like life, we cannot be sure what we will
find, but it is not always the outcome that counts – it’s
the journey. Expect the unexpected – wonder awaits.

Here are some of my favourites from the collection. The Art Infusion collection features expandable silver wire bangles adorned with original watercolour artwork. Beautiful, right? A seahorse and a sand dollar are available, along with my favourite, the anchor!

The Anchor Metal Wrap is an expandable wire bangle that represents unbreakable connections. I love the delicate watercolours on this pendant. The anchor is actually original artwork.

Delicate beaded Harbour Expandable Bangle in Navy

Delicate beaded Harbour Expandable Bangle in Navy

Navy Shells and Scales Beaded Bangle

Navy Shells and Scales Beaded Bangle

I’m also loving these expandable rings. They’re great because they’re stylish and pretty, but can also be adjusted to fit any fingers. Genius.


On the more delicate side of things, the Providence collection has a selection of thin silver pull chain necklaces with seahorses, anchors and sand dollars.
I love the sea horse. It represents fortune, protection and contentment. The collection also includes delicate rings with dangling silver charms on them. They’re so pretty.

And of course, the best thing about ALEX AND ANI? How it all stacks up together! Beautiful.

1-IMG_5256 1-IMG_6070

Check out the Deep Sea Collection here, and pick your favourites.

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