De-fuzzing at Fuzz Wax Bar

I’m back from my trip (more on that later)! Before I left, I made it my mission to get vacation ready! I popped into the Ten Spot and then went down the street for the real mission. Waxing.

I have never tried or wanted to wax. Why pour hot wax on your legs and rip the hair by the root when you can just shave instead? But gradually (okay, so for the last 4 months) I began thinking about giving it a shot. This was mainly because of the new Fuzz Wax Bar that I had noticed online. I was intrigued. A place for only waxing? Surely they’d make it pain-free and be experts to boot. And I wouldn’t have to shave during my trip!

I decided to get a leg wax ($20), because I figured it would hurt less! We went to a private clean room with a cot. I was pretty nervous, but my esthetician was great. She was friendly and cheerful answered my silly/nervous questions. The wax was slicked on, and before I knew it, it was off. It hardly hurt, and my legs were smooth and hair free in about 15 minutes. On my way out, I chatted with one of the friendly owners. Originally from France, Florence decided to open Fuzz after searching for fast affordable waxing in Toronto. The most popular wax is the Brazilian wax ($45).

Fuzz Wax bar offers clean, quick and (relatively) pain-free service with a smile. They’ve converted me into a wax-ee, go and check them out! They are at 701 Queen Street West, and will wax pretty much anything for you. My legs remained smooth and hair free during my Europe trip!

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