Daytripping: Batchawana Bay Provincial Park


During my trip to Sault Ste Marie, our guide was really excited to show us our first glimpse of Lake Superior at Batchawana Bay Provincial Park.


To get to the park, you can take a beautiful drive along Highway 17. Isn’t the view amazing?

1-IMG_2539 1-IMG_0182

Once you get there, it’s nothing but crystal clear water and amazing views. This sandy bay is perfect for swimming and fishing in. In fact, the whitefish caught in the lake is a local specialty.

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Or, you can just spend the day taking in the view and walking along the sand, like we did.


Batchawana Bay Provincial Park is at12729 Hwy 17N, about 40 minutes away from Sault Ste Marie. For more information, please visit Ontario Parks.


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