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Cute & Stylish Tights From Rachel

It’s true that I have a mild stocking addiction. I finally got around to organizing my tights and it took a long time. I won’t let my abundance of tights stop me from acquiring new ones. They’re such an easy and fun way to change an entire outfit.

From Rachel is a Canadian company created in Montreal by two friends. Their goal is to offer quality, well-designed items at a fair price. I love their tights and stockings. They’re super whimsical and fun. They come in a great range of sizes, from A to G.

I’m partial to their over the knee collection that comes in scallops, stripes, polka dots and more.

From Rachel sent me two pairs of their tights to try out!

From Rachel has many more styles to choose from! From sheer, to opaque to patterned, there’s something to suit every style. Check them out:

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