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I got a missed connection once, and it was awesome. Someone saw me! I’ve always been awed by the missed connection section on Craigslist. Do people really think they’ll connect with that person that was in line behind them at Starbucks? Or the guy that accidentally stepped on your foot at St. George Station? For a very small percent, yes, that does happen. But for the majority…not really. Anyways, long story short, I stumbled across this post, and I WAS the girl who was reading the “Last Camel Died at Noon” in the green scarf. I smugly showed my boyfriend and he was suitably impressed. But I digress.

This is the last week to see Do You Want What I Have Got, a Craigslist Cantata at Factory Theatre. And you should see it. The musical stars Dmitry Chepovetsky, Bree Greig, Selina Martin and Daren A. Herbert. This original musical by Veda Hille (she plays the piano during the show) & Bill Richardson sets real Craigslist postings to music. Most of the listings come from Vancouver, where the musical was first performed. It was originally 20 minutes long, and then was extended to the 90 minute show. A Craigslist Cantata pokes fun in a thoughtful, funny way at our need to be seen, compulsively shop for things we really don’t need and our urge to connect.

The actors are fantastic. One of the best characters was Selina Martin, portraying that one person that you can find on every website that corrects grammar. Actually, it’s hard to just pinpoint one actor, as all of them had strong, carrying voices and really got into character. They get into character quite well…and it’s not easy when your character only lasts for the duration of one song.

With songs like, “Bus Boy, I Want to Smell You Again”, and “Chili Eating Buddy”, these songs will captivate you and make you laugh. One memorable song was about a guy that is looking for a guy that will drink coffee with him in his underwear and hug. He’s not gay or anything…it’s just a “male bonding experience”. Or how about the Cell Block Tango-esque song that tells the tale of a woeful girl hunting for a normal roommate?

If you haven’t seen this musical yet, you are missing out. It runs from Jan 30 – Mar 3, 2013Go and buy your tickets now! I guarantee that when you are done you’ll want to troll Craigslist for missed connections, or visit the Best of Craigslist list. PS: In case you were wondering, none of the original post creators have stepped forth.

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  • Sarah
    February 27, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    This sounds hilarious! I too, once recognised myself in a missed connection from a man who I had danced with the night before. It would have been very Cinderella if not for the fact that he also included a shout out to three of my friends, whom he had also danced with. haha. Still, it made me smile.

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