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Cool down with David’s Tea

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of iced tea in the summer. David’s Tea has several new summer tropical tea collections that are bursting with flavour and colour- just like summer!

For those of you who like a little bit of a kick with your tea, the Tea Cocktail kit is right up your alley. A cute plastic shaker is filled with 5 different loose leaf teas, fruity coasters and little cocktail umbrellas. Coco Colada, Lychee Bellini, Moscow Mule, Sparkling Sangria and Rosé All Day are ready to be explored.

One of my favourite teas that I’ve been drinking a lot this summer is Flamingo Fresca. This white tea is made with strawberry and passion fruit. It also has adorable flamingo sprinkles!

If you’re serving up tea for a crowd, you can’t go wrong with the Palm Tree Perfect Pitcher. Designed to fit perfectly in your fridge door, it has a leak proof lid and can even lay flat for easy storage. It holds a massive 2 liters of tea to please thirsty guests.



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